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    • Water Cooled Chiller,screw Water Chiller

      Contact NowWater Cooled Chiller,screw Water ChillerApplication industry Water cooled chillers are widely used in plastic injection, extrusion, plating, molding, hydraulic, chemical, leather, printing, profiles of oxidation, reaction kettle, chemical fiber, vacuum coating, paper making, textile, central air conditioning and various aspects of...Read More

    • Mini Industrial Chiller Machine Water Chiller 5kw

      Contact NowMini Industrial Chiller Machine Water Chiller 5kwThe water Chiller is to provide a cooling process for better industrial production. In plastic molding industry,it improves quality of molded products and shorten period of injection molding cycles.Hence improve the productivity of plastic molding manufacturing. And water could be used in...Read More

    • Air Cooled Screw Water Chiller

      Contact NowAir Cooled Screw Water ChillerThe MG-30C air cooled water chiller used for printing ink industry. Also Plastic injection, Moulding machine, Extruding machine, filming, Food and Pharmaceutical Industry,CNC Equipment,dairy, beverage,Chemical, concrete and etc. Air cooled screw type chiller From 22TR to 500TR cooling capacity,...Read More

    • Water Cooling System

      Contact NowWater Cooling SystemProduct Description Features • Shell and tube evaporator and condenser, high efficient thread red copper tube (material change on request). • Siemens PLC control, LCD touch screen interface, easy operation, Standard design charged. • R22, CFC free R407c, R134a for option. 380V-415V-480V/50/60HZ,...Read More

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