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    • Liquid Chiller,air Cooled Water Chiller Unit

      Contact NowLiquid Chiller,air Cooled Water Chiller UnitMgreenbelt industrial water chiller manufactures air cooled water chiller, water cooled water chiller, stainless steel chiller, screw chiller from 3.5KW(1Ton)to 1500KW(500Ton), oil chiller, mold temperature controller units, cooling tower, shell and tube heat exchanger and all refrigeration...Read More

    • Propylene Glycol Water Cooling System with Glycol Tank Manufacturer

      Contact NowPropylene Glycol Water Cooling System with Glycol Tank ManufacturerGLYCOL CHILLERS are refrigeration systems which circulate an anti-freeze and water solution to help cool a variety of equipment and processes. This type of chiller is most frequently used in food and beverage industry. Glycol chillers are commonly used for cooling fermentation tanks, brite...Read More

    • High Performance and Reliability Refrigeration Chillers with Heat Exchangers in Medical Industry to Cool Equipment

      Contact NowHigh Performance and Reliability Refrigeration Chillers with Heat Exchangers in Medical Industry to Cool EquipmentHigh performance and reliability refrigeration Chillers with heat exchangers in medical industry to cool equipment Chillers are machines that utilize a refrigeration cycle to remove heat from various liquids and release it into the atmosphere. The next step in the chilling process involves...Read More

    • Air Cooled Glycol Chiller

      Contact NowAir Cooled Glycol ChillerAir cooled glycol chiller used in many different industries: Food and Beverages – Microbreweries, confectionary, bakeries, distilleries, wineries, bottling, corbonation, vegetable, meat and fish processing, etc. Pharma and chemical – Jacketed vessels cooling, condenser cooling, PUF mixers,...Read More

    • Water Cooling System

      Contact NowWater Cooling SystemProduct Description Features • Shell and tube evaporator and condenser, high efficient thread red copper tube (material change on request). • Siemens PLC control, LCD touch screen interface, easy operation, Standard design charged. • R22, CFC free R407c, R134a for option. 380V-415V-480V/50/60HZ,...Read More

    • Industrial Water Chiller

      Contact NowIndustrial Water ChillerApplication of 12 Ton 15HP Water Chiller For Cooling mould Mgreenbelt series air cooled chiller water are applicable for cooling mould to reduce products molding cycle, also they are available in the cooling of equipment in order to maintain a normal temperature. Besides, they are suitable for...Read More

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