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    • Small Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

      Contact NowSmall Air Cooled Industrial Water ChillerWhat we PROVIDE with Mgreenbelt Industrial Water Chiller ? 1. The water chiller is to provide cooling process to plastic moulds to improve molded products quality and cut down injection cycle time. Hence maximizes plastic molding machines productivity. And can provide the chilled water solution...Read More

    • CE Certified Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

      Contact NowCE Certified Air Cooled Industrial Water ChillerProduct description of Air cooled water chiller: 1. Plastics: Plastic injection, Blowing, Extrustion , Molding, Thermoforming , vacuum forming, PVC processing, rubber and etc. 2. Pool Cooling : Cold Plunge, Swimming pool, Spa etc. 3. Medical: Blood, PET, CT, MIR, Oncology liner accelerator,...Read More

    • Air Cooled Screw Chiller for Concrete Manufacturing

      Contact NowAir Cooled Screw Chiller for Concrete ManufacturingWater Chiller Features Famous brand compressor: hanbell, bitzer etc Compressor high and low voltage protection, internal overheating protection Low water flow alarm devices: Low water temperature anti-icing alarm Oxygen-free welding from refrigeration system, reduce the oxides and smooth the...Read More

    • Industrial Water Chiller

      Contact NowIndustrial Water ChillerApplication of 12 Ton 15HP Water Chiller For Cooling mould Mgreenbelt series air cooled chiller water are applicable for cooling mould to reduce products molding cycle, also they are available in the cooling of equipment in order to maintain a normal temperature. Besides, they are suitable for...Read More

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