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Working Principle Of Water - Cooled Screw Chiller
Sep 06, 2017

When the unit is cooled, the compressor draws the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant in the evaporator into the cylinder, and after the compressor work, the refrigerant vapor is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas,

Through the exhaust pipe into the condenser. The high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas exchanges heat with the cooling water in the condenser, transfers the heat to the cooling water, and the refrigerant gas condenses into the high pressure liquid. The high pressure liquid from the condenser is throttled by the thermostatic expansion valve and enters the evaporator. In the evaporator, the low-pressure liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat of the chilled water and vaporizes, so that the chilled water cools down and becomes the required low-temperature water. After the vaporization of the refrigerant gas is re-compressed by the compressor to be compressed, discharged into the condenser, so that the cycle, continuous circulation, in order to achieve the cooling of chilled water.

From the unit out of the chilled water into the indoor fan coil, variable air volume air conditioner and other end devices in the indoor and convective air heat exchange, in the process, the water due to the absorption of indoor air heat (to the indoor air heat) And the temperature rises, and the indoor air after the indoor heat exchanger after the temperature drop, driven by the fan, into the room, thereby reducing the indoor air temperature, and the temperature rise after the chilled water under the action of the pump re-enter the unit, so Cycle, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous cooling.


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