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Water Chiller Used In Food And Beverage & Beer Industry
Aug 16, 2017

Water chiller used in Food and Beverage & Beer Industry

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The industrial chiller will be needed by the following conditions:

1) we use the chiller to stabilize the fermentation temperature to guarantee the quality;

2) we use the chiller to cool the processed food to shorten the cooling time for food packaging;   

3) we use the chiller to maintain the quanlity of freeze preservation.

As we all know ,there are several steps in the beer brewing process, which include malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, cooling, filtering, and packaging. Fermentation may take place in closed vessels. There may be a secondary fermentation that can take place in the brewery, in the cask, or in the bottle. So we use the industrial chiller to provide the cold water as the cold source. Usually the cooling system have 2 stages. One is cooling for wort, the chilled water pump into the PHE do heat exchange , cool down the wort from 100C to 20C; the second stage is cooling for fermenters and BBTs. the chilled water pump the chilled water to fermentation tank jacket . cool down the fermenter beer from 20C to 3-5C. then the brewer will get the nice beer for the customers. Cheers! So Mgreenbelt glycol chiller is the best choice for your brewery or Beverage production plant .

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