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Use Of Chiller For Injection Molding Machine
Jul 25, 2017

Chillers are widely used in industrial production processes:

1, the plastic industry: chillers used in plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, can greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products, plastic products to reduce the surface marks and internal stress, the product does not shrink, no deformation, easy to plastic mold release, Product stereotypes, which greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine;

2, chiller used in CNC machine tools, coordinate boring machine, grinding machine, machining center, the combination of machine tools and various types of precision machine tool spindle lubrication and hydraulic system drive medium cooling, can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the machine thermal deformation, Improve the machining accuracy of the machine.


3, the electronics industry: the stability of electronic components within the production line of molecular structure, improve the qualified rate of electronic components, used in ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively prevent the expensive cleaning agent volatile and volatile damage. Electroplating industry: control the plating temperature, increase the density and smooth plating, shorten the plating cycle, improve production efficiency and improve product quality.

4, the construction industry: the supply of concrete with chilled water, the concrete molecular structure suitable for construction purposes, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete

5, vacuum coating: vacuum control machine to control the temperature, to ensure that the high quality plating.

6, the food industry: for food processing after the high-speed cooling, so that to meet the packaging requirements. There is also the temperature of the fermented food.

7, chemical fiber industry: freeze-drying air, to ensure product quality.

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