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The Difference Between Double - Head And Single - Head Of Water - Cooled Screw Type Industrial Chiller
Dec 08, 2016

The current water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers, many customers of choice. Especially in some mold cooling, thermoforming, hydraulic systems, dairy products, beverages, aquaculture and other fields can be applied to it. In order to meet the needs of more customers, refrigeration processing enterprises launched a water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers (dual head).

Speaking of water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers (double head), many people still do not quite understand. The first to talk about water-cooled screw-type industrial chillers (double head), the origin of the name. The origin of the name of the water-cooled screw-type chiller is determined by the form in which the compressor is used. Because in the refrigeration products, the compressor is a very important original. So the form of the compressor, to give refrigeration products name is also very normal.

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