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Several Reasons For Air - Cooled Chiller Not To Heat
Dec 08, 2016

Even if the fan motor is not broken, fan blades and bearings are also good, but if the efficiency becomes low, such as the occurrence of motor failure, fan blade deformation, lack of lubrication of the fan bearings, etc. are not broken, but not used Situation, it will also lead to extremely bad heat, or almost no cooling effect of the emergence.

Why always mention the motor and fan it? Motors and fans, in fact, almost equal to the air-cooled cooling system. And water-cooled cooling system, many of the complex components and cooling supply and demand is different from the air-cooled cooling system directly through the fan heat from the condenser to pass out, speak to understand some of the hot air is blowing away, so when the air-cooled chiller does not heat the case , The basic fan is not running friends (lack of oil or motor problems), the motor bad friends, the belt off friends, fan bearing bad friends these problems, very easy to troubleshoot.

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