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Screw Chiller Parts Of Refrigeration Piping
Dec 08, 2016

First, the valve

A variety of valves should be used in line with the refrigerant for special products. Air-cooled screw chiller used in the valve should meet the following requirements:

1, the valve body is gray cast iron, can be iron or cast steel. Strength test pressure of 29 ~ 39bar, sealing test pressure of 19 ~ 25bar. General nominal pressure of 24.5bar valve can meet the requirements.

2, ammonia system chillers used valves do not allow copper and galvanized, tin parts.

Second, the connector

Screw chiller pipe is mainly used for welding, and pipe wall thickness of less than 4mm by gas welding, more than 4mm by welding, the necessary places can also be used flange connection, a single flange should be concave and convex mouth; elbow shall be used to bend; Valve and pipe thread connection shall not be white oil linen, pure glycerol and yellow powder should be used to reconcile the filler; branch and header box, the branch pipe should be open arc and fork tube header, so as not to cause the liquid is not Uniform

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