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Screw Chiller Maintenance Steps
Dec 08, 2016

Step 1: Check the results of screw chillers maintenance is to examine the chiller after the repair has returned to the fault before the technical performance. Take the unit under different operating conditions, methods, a comprehensive assessment of whether the result of repair to the chiller has brought new problems. The problem should be rectified immediately.

The second step: the air-cooled chiller for the necessary acceptance test should be in accordance with the first air tightness test, after the vacuum test, the first sub-test, after the machine test principles. It is not permissible to use a compressor of the chiller unit in place of a vacuum pump for vacuum testing to avoid damage to the compressor.

The third step: In addition to check the technical performance of air-cooled screw chiller, but also pay attention to protect the unit clean appearance and work site clean. Work site to clean, wipe off the spilled oil, remove the replacement parts and garbage, and finally clean up tools and accessories, tools or accessories can not be forgotten in the chiller or work site.

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