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Reasons And Solutions Of Lengshui Ji 's Refrigeration Capacity Lack
Dec 08, 2016

① Slide valve position is not appropriate or other fault: Check the indicator and adjust the position of the slide valve.

② suction filter clogging, suction pressure loss is too large, so that the suction pressure drop, the volume efficiency is reduced: Remove the suction filter filter cleaning.

③ the machine is not normal wear and tear, resulting in the gap is too large: adjust or replace parts.

④ suction pressure is lower than the evaporation pressure: check the valve (such as suction stop valve or check valve, etc.)

⑤ leakage between high and low pressure systems; check the car, parking by-pass pipeline.

⑥ fuel injection is insufficient, can not achieve sealing effect: check the safety valve is sealed, check the oil, oil pump, oil filter, increase oil.

⑦ machine exhaust pressure is much higher than the condensing pressure, volumetric efficiency drops: Check the exhaust system piping and valves, remove the exhaust system resistance. Such as the system into the air should be excluded.

⑧ Refrigerant leakage, refrigerant leakage directly lead to evaporation pressure drop. Stop the chiller and check for leaks.

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