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Maintenance Of Industrial Chillers Is Very Important
Dec 08, 2016

The first point: We want to keep the environment around the equipment to be clean, clean, no debris around the fuselage. For the external health of the equipment to regular treatment (can be cleaned once a class), the operation of the part we do not have to clean up, this work is generally completed by the operator.

The second point: in the maintenance of cold water machine when we pay attention to the connecting bolts, valves, piping, anchor bolts everywhere, such as oil, corrosion in good condition, the work is generally responsible for the workshop.

The third point: the maintenance of the process indicators must be within the scope of technical requirements, so you can ensure that the equipment in a good system environment to run. If due to the serious factors such as into the liquid will affect the performance of the unit. Therefore, we must do a good job in this work.

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