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Maintenance Knowledge Of Water - Cooled Industrial Chiller
Sep 04, 2017

 First of all, we have to understand the next chiller. The chiller uses a single compressor or a plurality of compressors in parallel. Each compressor comes with a separate refrigeration circuit. All compressors are commanded by a unified microcomputer control system. Each compressor is turned on and off, and there is no mutual interference. Chillers, in the industry is divided into two kinds of air-cooled chillers and water-type chillers, Xiamen Mansi today for everyone to introduce water-cooled industrial chillers maintenance knowledge: 1. Compressor: check the frozen oil, running current, Whether the abnormal sound of the operation; 2. Check the chilled water pump is normal every month, the cooling water supply is normal; 3. Regularly clean the electronic control box: clean the dust inside, check the screws are loose, to avoid damage to the machine to prevent Failure of the condenser; water-cooled chillers after the condenser will reduce the heat transfer capacity, not only affect the cooling effect, but also increase the shaft power, easily damage the compressor. It is recommended to clean the condenser of the water-cooled chiller every three months. 5. Regular inspection: test pressure switch; high and low pressure alarm is normal; The above describes the water-cooled industrial chiller in the maintenance of some knowledge points, I hope everyone Can pay attention to the maintenance of chillers, chiller maintenance done well, not only can reduce the chiller failure probability, but also to extend the service life of chillers.


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