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Industrial Chillers Refrigeration Technology
Jul 29, 2017

Industrial chillers are typically used as a closed-loop system for complete packaging, including hot and cold water units, condensers and circulating pumps, expansion valves, non-current shutdown, internal cold water tanks, temperature control stations. The internal tank helps keep the cold water temperature and prevents the occurrence of temperature peaks. Closed-loop industrial chillers are recirculated at constant temperatures and pressures, increasing stability and repeatability of water cooling equipment and instruments for cleaning agents with conditions addititives or clean water. The cooling of the water flow is applied to the angle of use and back.

One of the new developments in industrial chillers is air cooling, not the use of cooling water. In this case, the condenser is not cooled with hot air refrigerant, but the tower is cooled by cooling water. This development allows for more than 15% and allows for a significant reduction in energy demand in the cooler due to the small area of surface water, in the case of condensers and fans. In addition, the fans allow the situation to significantly reduce the noise level.

Most industrial chillers cool the media to cool, but some simple technologies that rely on air or water contain cooling coils that regulate the temperature of the flow. Water is the most commonly used coolant in the freezing process, although cooling the mixture (mainly with the coolant additive to enhance the cooling water) is often used.


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