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Industrial Chillers Can Not Start, The General Reasons For The Following Points
Sep 13, 2017

1, first check the main circuit. If the power supply is electrical, the voltage is normal, whether the starting overload fuse has been blown, the air switch is tripping, switch contact is good, power is missing. Start observation of the voltmeter, ammeter, when the industrial chiller is not installed ammeter, voltmeter, you can use a universal meter or test pen to check the power situation. When the power supply voltage is too low will make the compressor can not start. 2, the emergence of industrial chillers can not start the problem, according to the domestic ice water machine factory configuration instructions, we can understand the basic due to the pump idling and so on because of the cloud, as long as there will be and industrial chillers in the system to complete the air Release, you can meet the appropriate operating environment, to start the purpose of industrial chiller. 3, to protect the smooth operation of industrial chillers, the need to use the industrial chiller in the process, the pump inlet and outlet for effective control, with the air is constantly being excluded, can not start the perfect solution to the fault. 4, check the pressure relay and high and low voltage relay. When the compressor oil pressure is not normal, can make the compressor to stop running. At the same time, when the compressor exhaust pressure and suction pressure is abnormal, can not start or after the start of the compressor will soon stop running.


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