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How Does The Industrial Chiller Run To Solve The Problem?
Sep 11, 2017

1, industrial chillers can not start the problem, the main reason is that the system in the process of operation, if the industrial chiller inlet pressure is small, can not meet the basic conditions of operation,

At this point the opportunity of industrial chill can not start the problem, if the industrial chiller switch is not normal, the same will lead to industrial chiller can not start, then need to be based on specific circumstances, detailed testing, in order to successfully find the cause of the failure The

2, check the chilled water, cooling water, water temperature is normal. If the water is small, the water temperature is high, will cause the condensing pressure to rise sharply, the evaporation temperature drops rapidly, because the unit protection facilities action, often soon shut down

3, industrial chillers need to start the pressure involved in the issue, the domestic ice water machine factory to remind the industrial chiller users, in varying degrees of difficulties in starting the problem, according to the actual needs of industrial chillers to complete the specific maintenance, if The use of automatic valves can not meet the needs of the exhaust, this time the need to effectively remove the internal water, this time running industrial chillers, more than 90% may not be able to start troubleshooting.


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