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High Quality Air Cooled Liquid Chiller
Jul 09, 2017

High Quality Air Cooled Liquid Chiller For UK Customer


The water chiller is to provide cooling process to plastic moulds to improve molded products quanlity and cut down injection cycle time. Hence maximizes plastic molding machines productivity. 40HP air cooled scroll chiller do testing in Our factory on 8th , July 2017.then prepare for delivery to UK customer side. Welcome you vist the installation site.




Our advantage:

1. Installed with import brand compressors, highly efficient shell condenser and evaporator, excellent co-oling, quiet and low electricity consumption.

2. Punp Microprocessor control, easy to operate;

3. Unique open reservoir tank made of stainless steel, easy cleaning and maintenance;

4 Pipeline well-arranged to save energy;

5. Installed will precise electronic thermostat accurately maintains temperature within 3C~35 C;

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