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For Your Detailed Air-cooled Screw Chiller Pipe Fittings And Accessories
Dec 08, 2016

Installation requirements of pipe fittings and accessories for air - cooled screw chillers

1, elbow: cold bending, the radius of curvature should not be less than 4 times the pipe diameter;

2, the three links: should be used downstream three links, Ya-shaped claw elbow can also be used oblique tee;

3, the valve: a variety of valves should be consistent with the refrigerant special products. Freon refrigeration system chiller expansion valve should be placed vertically, shall not tilt, not to reverse the installation

4, the thermometer: to have metal protective cover, installed in the pipeline, the mercury ball should be in the pipeline center line, the casing should be facing the temperature of the direction of fluid movement;

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