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Do You Need To Turn Off Industrial Chillers When Servicing?
Dec 08, 2016

In fact, even the industrial chiller various equipment, the order of the switch machine can not be mistaken, not to mention the time in the maintenance of it! Maintenance, not only should close the industrial chiller, should also do the following operation.

First, the maintenance, maintenance, should be in accordance with requirements, followed by the closure of industrial chiller equipment, do not mistake the order of shutdown.

Second, the complete closure of the industrial chiller, the refrigerant should be recovered after all, and then maintenance and repair work, the general recommendations of the refrigerant will be liquid storage barrels, and should be in the maintenance, maintenance, to ensure the refrigerant has been recovered.

Maintenance, should be based on different nodes to find the source of the problem and solve the problem, and maintenance of a wide range of - industrial chiller any equipment, components, configuration, can be the goal of maintenance.

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