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Discussion On Energy Efficiency Of Screw Chiller
Dec 08, 2016

1, the most efficient semi-enclosed compressor unit: the heart of imported high-quality screw compressor, the 5: 6 ultra-efficient screw rotor compressor, compressor energy efficiency than the average 20-30%. Reliable and efficient operation, easy maintenance , Accurate capacity control, wide range of applications.

Second, the computer to accurately control the temperature of the unit: microcomputer controller: large screen dot matrix LCD display, has a good all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface, to achieve full-featured automatic control; LCD screen display machine working conditions, accurate monitoring group operation In the best condition, the touch panel seal is good, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-resistant, long life keys. Grading and Promise Energy Control For general air conditioning systems, equipped with 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% graded energy control systems, thus ensuring maximum energy efficiency at partial loads. But for precise control of water temperature, according to user requirements, all models can be equipped with stepless energy control.

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