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Chillers To Pay Attention To Several Aspects
Sep 25, 2017

1. The choice of the type of chiller for injection molding machine

For the injection molding machine mold cooling, according to the injection molding machine to calculate the amount of the general circumstances, every 6 ounces of injection need to use 1HP chiller, for example: customer factory for 100T (5.5OZS) × 3; 150T (12OZS) × 4 units; 200T (23OZS) × 3 units; the required chiller size (5.5 × 3 +12 × 4 +23 × 3) /6=22.25, that is, need to use 25HP chiller. Used as the cooling of other equipment, depending on the specific flow of cooling water cycle to set.

2. Chillers of the insulation tank and pump selection

Sometimes according to the actual situation of the customer factory, box-type chiller may also need to add a pump, this time plus the pump model must be in the chiller with the same pump power. Such as 10HP box chiller comes with pump power 2HP, then the pump, also need to be 2HP.

When the pump power requirements with the same type of box chiller requirements the same open chiller, in the external pump.


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