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Characteristics Of Air - Cooled Chiller
Aug 09, 2017

Air-cooled chillers can be used in small systems, large units are mostly water-cooled. Water-cooled investment in terms of the host, is less than the air-cooled, but with the cooling tower and the engine room \ electronic water treatment, etc., and less place to go! Besides for many years to run, the water cooling unit cooling Efficiency will be relatively reduced, air-cooled will not.

Air-cooled chillers use air cooling, eliminating the need for cooling water systems essential cooling towers, cooling pumps and piping systems to avoid water pollution caused by regional fouling, water pipes, but also save water resources, is Cold water and air conditioning equipment products, maintenance and repair the most economical, simple models.

Air-cooled chillers are slightly higher than the one-time investment of water-cooled chillers, but the annual operating costs are lower than those of water-cooled chillers. The construction costs of the rooms are the least in various air-conditioning cold and heat source systems, and the maintenance costs are about water-cooled Or half the cost of the boiler.

The noise and volume of the air-cooled chillers are larger than the water-cooled and can only be installed outdoors. Water-cooled units are mostly installed in the basement.

Air-cooled chiller product features:

1, the unit compressor selection scroll full-sealed compressor and electronic control components, equipped with heat exchanger and efficient high-quality copper tube condenser and evaporator;

2, equipped with various types of security devices, stable performance, low noise, long life, simple operation; use of liquid crystal display man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation, running at a glance;

3, the model has a single compressor or multi-compressor combination of refrigeration systems. Compressor can change according to the load, automatically alternating operation, balance the number of operating hours of the compressor, to save energy and extend the use of the chiller effect. Easy to adjust energy, more energy in the part of the load;

4, the whole shell box box structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, can check the operation of the unit at any time; unit can be equipped with cold water tank and circulating water pump, no cooling tower and cooling water pump, easy installation and maintenance;


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