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Air Cool System Chiller with Units Machine
Jul 14, 2017

Cooling Machine Chiller Beer Chiller

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We are real manufacturer for industrial water chiller with factory in Jinan, China.Mgreenbelt company is a professional industrial water chiller manufacture in China.


Chiller Features:
1. Equipped with brand new Copeland scroll compressor.
2. Equipped with shell and tube evaporator, instead of coil evaporator. Easy to clean compared with coil type.
3. Condenser is made of high efficient copper.
4. Equipped with Emerson throttle valve and expansion valves, to maximize the cooling ability and ensure high stability;
5. Equipped with high quality pumps, good stability of equilibrium, watertight, ensure stable and sustainable flow of chilled water;
6. Equipped with a stainless steel water tank.
7. Equipped with PUNP full-featured microcomputer control system.
8. Equipped with standard protection, including compressor overload protection, compressor overheating protection, pump overload protection, cooling fan overload protection, high-pressure protection for cooling system, low pressure protection for cooling system, too high/too low protection for water flow,  anti-freeze protection, anti-frequent startup protection, power default phase protection, power reverse protection, phase dislocation protection overvoltage protection, low-voltage protection.
9. Reserved pipe connection is easy for installation, Only need to connect the pipe and power supply for machine usage.
10. This unit has a single, double or four-machine combination, improve work efficiency of the unit.
11. Optional for cryogenic unit, environmentally friendly refrigerant unit.
Detail specification:
1.Compressor brand is Copeland/Sanyo scroll compressor.
2.Evaporator is copper shell and tube type.
3.Condenser is  V or Horizontal shell-and-tube/Coil type high efficiency copper heat exchanger.
4.Pump is stainless steel.


Compressor brand is Copeland USA.Scroll compressor. Or Danfoss/Sanyo optional is customer appointed
2Evaporator is plate type or copper shell and tube type,copper tube wall thickness is 0.7mm
3Condenser is V/ Horizontal shell-and-tube/Coil type high efficiency copper heat exchanger
4Pump and water systems are stainless steel SUS304
5High quality level electronic parts, Schneider/Siemens/LS
6Designed chiller running life , Warranty 1 year, 24 hours online after-sales servies team
7Environment friendly refrigerant R410a/R407c/R134a, at least using R22
8Plywood export box packing
9OEM available

The working flowchart in Beer brewing system:


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