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A Method Of Pressure Leak Detection In Refrigeration System
Dec 08, 2016

1. Turn off the discharge valve of the compressor and turn all the other valves in the system (such as the liquid outlet valve, expansion valve, etc.) of the accumulator and screw down the tapered wire on the discharge valve and connect the corresponding row trachea.

2. After the adjustment of the system is working properly, start the compressor. The preparatory work before starting the compressor is the same as for the ammonia compressor.

3. When the vacuum can be intermittent compressor, but should pay attention to the compressor oil pressure should be higher than the suction pressure of 200 mm Hg. If the system is equipped with oil pressure relay, the contact of oil pressure relay should be kept in the normal state temporarily. Otherwise, the pressure will be lower than the set value of oil pressure relay, the compressor will stop automatically and affect vacuum work.

4. When the pressure is pumped to 650 mmHg, the compressor can not discharge gas. Can be used to plug the exhaust valve tapered screw hole, the full-open compressor discharge valve, the valve off the device off the strict release of the hand, screw on the tapered wire plug can be. And the operation of the compressor is stopped.

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