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180HP Air Cooled Screw Chiller For USA Customer
Mar 21, 2018

Our Screw chillers adopt internationally well-known brands (Taiwan Han-Zhong, Bitzer) screw compressor, supporting the production of high-quality brass high-performance condenser, evaporator and the world famous brand components, so that units with small, low noise, energy, long life, easy to operate, etc., and its beautiful design sophisticated and reliable high-performance and stable quality products in the same top!

Compressor features>>
◆ the use of international brand compressor, the new sub-efficient rotary screw compressors, compressor performance than the average 20% -30% higher, and European and American multi-national patent quality certification of the IS9001.
◆ High efficiency patented 5:6 asymmetric rotor profile.
◆-style volume control can be four (100% -75% -50% -25%) or three-(100-66% -33%) and Stepless control system.
◆ the use of bearings 11 and a type of axial thrust balance portfolio design, bearing life increased 2.5-3.5 times.
◆ special high-efficiency silicon steel sheet corrugated design, and equipped with omni-directional design both inside and outside the cooling flow to the compressor motor at any load can be played under the maximum efficiency.
◆ unique built-in hydraulic system, there is no need also to ensure that the compressor oil pump to maintain the best lubricating effect of oil separation of double-filtering method The oil filter good results, can play a maximum capacity of heat exchangers.
◆ High efficiency, low noise, low vibration.
◆ to choose from a variety of refrigerants, with the exception of R22 refrigerant, but also can choose to use R134a, R407c refrigerant, such as environmental protection. 

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