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Wort chiller
Nov 13, 2017

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Beer Chiller

Mgreenbelt Industrial,screw chillers are semi-closed twin-screw compressor as the core to the refrigerant as a carrier based air cooling or water source, the load side of the heat released into the refrigeration cycle through the cold source, and thus the load side cooling; heating unit is air-cooled air as a heat source, through a refrigeration cycle to extract the heat source side to the load side after release, thus heating up the load side of the central air-conditioning host;

Compressor overload;frost protection; compressor overheating protection; cooling water outlet temperature protection; compressor starvation protection; anti-frequent start protection; refrigeration system voltage protection; shutdown frost protection (reserve); refrigeration systems and low voltage protection; power wrong phase, over voltage protection; inadequate water protection
Detail specification:
1.Compressor brand is hanbell/Bitzer screw compressor.
2.Evaporator is copper shell and tube type,copper tube wall thickness is 1.0mm.
3.Condenser is  Horizontal shell-and-tube/Coil type high efficiency copper heat exchanger
4.Pump is stainless steel.

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Clients Installation site of water cooled screw chiller:

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