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Working principle of screw chiller
Nov 01, 2017

Twin screw refrigeration compressor     The twin screw refrigeration compressor is an energy adjustable fuel injection compressor. Its three processes of inhaling, compressing, and exhausting are achieved by the generation of periodic volumetric changes in the rotation of a pair of intermeshing yin and yang rotors in the body. Generally the male rotor is the active rotor, the female rotor is the driven rotor.    Main components: double rotor, body, main bearing, shaft seal, balance piston and energy regulator. Capacity of 15 ~ 100% stepless adjustment or two or three sections of regulation, to take the hydraulic piston to reduce the load way. Conventional use: Radial and axial are rolling bearings; open with oil separator, oil tank and oil pump; closed for the differential pressure oil lubrication, fuel injection, cooling and drive slide valve capacity adjustment of the piston movement.

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