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Working principle and refrigeration form of industrial water chiller
Mar 21, 2018

1. Working principle of chiller

Chiller is commonly known as refrigerating unit, refrigeration unit, ice water unit, freezing water unit, cooling unit and so on. Because of the wide use of all walks of life, there are numerous names. Its principle is a multi-functional machine that removes the liquid vapor through a compression or thermal absorption refrigeration cycle. The steam compression chiller includes four main components: the vapor compression refrigeration cycle compressor, the evaporator, the condenser and some metering devices, so as to achieve different refrigerants. The absorption chiller uses water as the refrigerant, and relies on the water between the water and the lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong affinity for the refrigeration effect.
Cold water chillers are generally used in air conditioning units and industrial cooling. In air conditioning systems, chilled water is usually allocated to heat exchangers or coils in air handling units or other types of terminal equipment to cool in their respective space, then cooling water is redistributed and cooled back to cool. In industrial applications, refrigerated water or other liquid cooling pumps are used through process or laboratory equipment. Industrial chillers are all walks of life for controlling products, mechanisms and factory mechanical cooling.
The cold water chiller can be divided into water cooled water chiller and air cooled water chiller in the form of refrigeration. Technically, chiller efficiency than air-cooled chiller is higher than 300 to 500 kcal/h; in the price, water-cooled chiller than air-cooled chiller is much lower; in the installation, water cooled chiller cooling tower can be used to be included, cooling water unit is mobile, without other auxiliary, but only by the air-cooled chiller cooling fan, some requirements on the environment. For example, ventilation, humidity, temperature can not be high 40 degrees Celsius, air acid and alkali value and so on are required.
Two. Refrigerating form of cold water chiller
According to the refrigerating form of the chiller, it can be divided into two kinds: air cooled water chiller and water cooled water chiller.
1. air cooled water chiller:
(1) free cooling tower, easy to install, easy to move, suitable for water shortage of water free tower.
(2) low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensing effect, stable throttle mechanism, excellent antirust treatment.
(3) imported high performance compressor in Europe and America, high EER value, low noise and stable operation.
2. water cooled water chiller:
(1) the panel of ergonomics, fully automatic control, equipped with a precise electric temperature controller, can run smoothly for a long time.
(2) using efficient heat exchanger, cooling capacity loss, easy to oil, not cracking the advantages of heat transfer tube.
(3) the use of high performance compressor, high EER value, low noise, stable operation.

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