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Nov 16, 2017


Today, there are more than a thousand breweries that trust their beers to MG Chiller Systems. We service small 3 -30Bbl breweries with an annual production of a couple hundred barrels a year to the large regional breweries producing several hundred thousand barrels. We strive to educate the world on why the chiller system is the most important piece of equipment in the brewery. From cooling the wort, to controlling fermentation, to crash cooling vessels, thru prepackaging and product storage- there’s no other piece of equipment integral to so many steps in the process of making beer.

You can find Mgreenbelt chillers each year at the Craft Brewing Exhibition. We are also big fans and supporters of both,  It’s been a wild ride servicing this market for the past two plus decades, our biggest challenge to grow fast enough to keep up with our customers. IF YOU have any requirements of your brewery, pls feel free to contact. we must give you a best solution.


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