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Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Chemical Use
Sep 10, 2017

Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Chemical Use

Product Description

Competitive price Water cooled screw industrial chillers are using most advanced production technology, with superior quality, high performance, low noise. The products is widely adopted in manufacturing process industries such as non-ferrous smelting, chemical and pharmaceutical, petroleum chemistry, grain and oil, food and beverage, mechanical, electric, air separation, etc.
water cooled scroll chiller-working principle.png

  1. Using international HANBELL,BITZER,or other top brand compressor,with,low noise and 
    high performance.
    2.Single or multiple unit combination is available according to customers' 
    requirements and capacities range.
    3.Compressor can run separately or work together automatically varying
    the process of loads.
    4.Evaporator is using internal thread high efficient copper tube, and, combined with the unique structure design has the advantage of super heat exchange, compact structure, reliable oil return, easy to maintain, etc.
    5.Shell and tube type condenser is using high efficient copper tubes, with the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency, reliable heat transfer, high performance, washable and 
    convenient maintenance.
    6.The microcomputer controlling system, with powerful security protection, communication, fault diagnosis, automatically adaptation and other function.
    7. Mutiple choice of refrigerant as R22/R134a/R3047C.

    Water cooled screw industrial chillers Spec:
     water cooled screw chiller.jpg

     water cooled chiller.jpg
    After-sales service:

    water cooled chillers has12months warranty since the date of delivery.

     (1)We will bear all cost for replace during the warranty if it is caused by the quality 
    issue of our chillers, and is confirmed by the technical identification of the company.
    (2)All extra parts for the machine can be purchased out of the warranty.
    (3)24hours online support by email,skype, tel.                
    (4) Provide install video if necessary and Our engineer is able to go to overseas for 
    installation and training.
    (5) Provide foundation drawing.

    1.what is the cooling capacity?_____    Kcal/hr  or   _____KW?
    2. what's your power supply? -V-HZ-Phase?
    3. the refrigerant R22 or R134a, R407c,R404A?
    4. What's your ambient temperature? and how about the chiller inlet and 
    outlet water temperature?
    5. Which industry the chiller used in?

    We must give you a best solution according to all your requirements.

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