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The Four Selection Principles of Refrigerant Lubricating Oil
Dec 08, 2016

The first principle: According to the type of compression selection of the appropriate lubricant.

In general, the refrigerator compressor is divided into piston, screw and centrifugal these three, the first two kinds of lubricants and compressed refrigerant in direct contact, should be taken into account between the lubricating oil and refrigerant Mutual influence of the problem. Centrifugal type of lubricating oil used only to lubricate the rotor bearings, can also be based on the size of the load and speed selection of the right.

 The second principle: According to the type of refrigerant selection of suitable lubricants.

Direct contact with the refrigerant lubricants, should consider the relationship between the two. Such as Freon (freon) refrigerant can be dissolved in a class of mineral oil, so the selection of oil to consider the oil viscosity grade, than the use of insoluble refrigerant is a grade to prevent the lubricating oil is diluted can not guarantee lubrication. In addition, it should be noted that mixed with a small amount of refrigerant in the refrigerant will not affect the normal operation of refrigeration systems. The flocculation point of the refrigerating machine oil is to check the lubricating oil mixed in the refrigerant, and the quality index of the cooling system clogging which is caused by precipitation of the wax crystallization.

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