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Refrigeration equipment clean and stress
Dec 08, 2016

Usually work, pay more attention to the performance parameters of the machine, if there is abnormal to be adjusted in time. For the rainy season, we also pay attention to the environmental problems of the machine placed points, to keep the place, the cleanliness of the surrounding environment should not be humid, if the phenomenon of damp or damp will cause the machine short-circuit phenomenon.

The main dirt is from the scale of the refrigeration equipment, scale hardness is soft, dirt layer is relatively thin, almost every mm of hard scale will affect the heat exchange rate of 10% to 15%, the power consumption increased by 5% to 10%; with chemical cleaning Corrosion is more serious, the use of high frequency, the refrigeration unit will automatically trip into the protection state. Easy to affect the normal use of refrigeration equipment unit.

So for the cleaning problem is quite knowledgeable. For example, in the compressor cleaning, the compressor in the long run for some time, the internal will produce dirt, serious will completely plug the pipe, causing the compressor exhaust temperature exceeds the process requirements. Therefore, the compressor must be cleaned regularly to carry out cleaning.

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