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Mgreenbelt Air Cooled Chiller
Jul 28, 2017

Air cooled water chiller, industrial chiller, scroll compressor type chiller, liquid chiller, machine cooling chiller

1. US copeland compressor, Sanyo compressor.
2. Cooling (air cooled /water cooled).
3. Chilled outlet/inlet water temp. 7/12 degree.
4. Cooling capacity: 1~1900kw.
5. R22, R407C, R134A.

5P chiller.jpg.png

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:MG-5C

  • Cooling Capacity:  13kw

  • Usage: for plastic industry, injection molding machine, chemical industry ,food and baverage industry etc.

  • Origin: China

  • Certification: CE/UL

  • Refrigeratn: R22, R407c, R134A

  • Cooling Method: Direct Cooling

  • Specification: 1~300tons


1. Superior Performance: International advanced closed scroll compressor; Several refrigerant circuits insure no stop when one circuit needs maintenance; Low noise;
2. Unique High Temperature Type Chiller;
3. Easy Installation: Compact structure, take up limited space; Refrigerant has been filled in the chiller so as to save time and expenses;
4. Low Cost for Operation and Maintenance;
5. Comprehensive Security Protection: High and low pressure protection, electric motor protection, safety valve protection, all the above protections ensure the unit safe and stable in operation.

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