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Medium Low Temperature Glycol/Salt Chiller
Aug 19, 2017

Product Detail

Industrial Air Cooled Scroll Chiller price air cooled water chiller
Industrial chiller HS code: 8418699090

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:MG-40C(D)

  • Type:Air-Cooled

  • Unit Structure:Integral

  • Selected Voltage:380V/50HZ

  • Compressor Number:4

  • Noise Level:Ultra Low

  • Application Fields:food and beverage industry,Pharmaceutical industry

  • Certification: UL, CE, SGS

  • Condition:New

  • Transport Package:Stretched Film and Wooden Carton

  • Origin:Jinan, China

  • HS Code:8418699090

40-1.jpg40P chiller-1.jpg

water chiller 01.png 40P chiller(2).png

Product Description
1. Our company specializes in the design and development automatic low-temperature chiller units. Cooling temperature range 0 ~ -10 Celsius degree.
2. Adopt imported Japan Sanyo closed low-temperature scroll compressors. The main components are internationally famous brands.
3. With Germany Siemens industrial PLC micro-computer control system, the system is safe and reliable, full automatic control systems, no hand operation, automatic alarm function.
4. It's widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, light industry, research and other technology which require low-temperature cooling. Also used for various cooling laboratory on low temperature cold source, etc.
5. Can satisfy the cold source demand of industrial production which work on 24 hours.

Working Principle
Understanding the chiller working principle is according to understand the Freon cycle.Firstly,R22 through compressor,changing to high temperature,high pressure gas refrigerant;Within the condenser,R22 has been filtered impurity,throngh throttle valve(expansion valve),through throttling process,become low pressure,changing to liquid and gas mixed;Within the vaporator absorbing ice water(chilled product) heat,re-become gas refrigerant.Gas refrigerant throng the tube enter into the compressor,and start to new cycle.

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