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Maintenance method of freezer
Dec 08, 2016

1, when the freezer protection device is set, the user do not arbitrarily change.

2, when the refrigerator failure alarm shutdown, press the alarm shutdown button (alarm light will go out), and then check the cause of the malfunction, do not force the machine before the trouble-free operation.

3, in emergency situations, do not shut down the refrigerator by cutting off the power; if the freezer is not in the winter long-term, you must first turn off the machine, and then turn off the main power supply, the water chiller net.

4, the case of air-cooled refrigerator to ensure a good cooling effect, to keep the surface of the cooling coil cooling, to ensure that the air around the machine flow, low temperature, and regular cleaning of the cooling coil.

5, in the air-cooled freezer, turn on the fan after the first check is not correct, if turned to normal, you can normally use, if reversed, the power wiring inverting, phase sequence must be replaced after the start.

6, to keep the room clean, well-ventilated, regular cleaning condenser to ensure the normal work of the unit.

7, if the water-cooled refrigerator is necessary to keep cooling towers clean, dust collector to keep the air around the tower flow and low temperature, to avoid debris into the cooling towers to reduce heat dissipation efficiency.

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