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Installation of Expansion Valve of Air - cooled Screw Chiller
Dec 08, 2016

Air-cooled screw chillers as a member of the refrigeration equipment, in our industrial production play a role. Our cooling effect is almost all of this a typhoon cold screw chillers and industrial chillers of these large-scale refrigeration equipment to complete. In this era of rapid technological development, our refrigeration equipment is also constantly reform and update.

Progress in technology has brought us a lot of changes, but in some ways change is relatively small, such as when you buy a good air-cooled screw chillers, our next operation is to install. For the overall installation of the machine, today we do not speak here. Today, we mainly talk about the air-cooled screw chiller expansion valve installation.

Expansion valve by the valve body, temperature package, the balance of the three major components. Common categories are: from the balance of classification is divided into: internal balance and external balance of two. From the overheating of the regulatory structure is divided into: in-tune, outside the tune.

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