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Industry Water Cooled Chiller for Injection Moulding Machine
Sep 19, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Certification:CE

  • Application Area:Plastic and Rubber Extrusion, Injection Moulding

  • Function:Cooling

  • Compressor:hanbell

  • Pump:Taiwan

  • Usage:for Refrigerate

  • Cooling Method: air cooled

  • HS Code:84186990.90

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Product Description:

Mgreenbelt Water Cooled Chiller(For Injection moulding machine):

1, Application Area: Plastic industry, extrusion, injection mold, electronic manufacturing, electroplating, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, food processing, ultrasonic cleaning cooling, industrial and printing industries.

2, Function: Precisely control the temperature needed for the production.

3, Advantage: Improving production efficiency and product quality. Rational design, excellent quality, specifications full range automatization, compact structure, beautiful appearance, and save energy.

5, Imported closed compressor: High power, and better refrigeration.

6, Evaporator type: Shell and tube type

7, Temperature controller: Control accuracy can be achieved ± 1° C

8, Refrigeration accessories by European and American brands, to assure the operation

9, The high degree of automation products, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to use, energy conservation

10, In addition, the machine can also be used in factory premises, food and beverage industry, brewery plant, hospitals, and so the size of the civil construction industry and environmental air-conditioning systems.

Safety protection measure
High pressure low pressure water breakage prevent frostbite overload phases absence temperature protection inside the compressor
PS: There is extension-type and shell and tube evaporator in series. The customer can select one of them according to your demand.
The type above is based on inlet water temp at 12oC, outlet water temp is at 7oC.

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