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Industrial chiller four core components
Dec 08, 2016

1. Compressor: It is the heart of the entire industrial chiller, it is good or bad enough to affect the quality of a machine, or even the length of life. Compressor is to ensure that the cooling power source, the use of refrigeration systems to increase the pressure of the compressor, the refrigerant cycle in the refrigeration system to achieve refrigeration purposes. The general category of the compressor is divided into three categories, there are open, semi-closed, fully enclosed. Industrial chiller equipment is generally frozen water 0 degrees Celsius above chillers are fully enclosed compressor, if the frozen water at 0 degrees Celsius below the low-temperature chiller is the use of semi-closed compressor, and open-type is generally used In a refrigeration system where the refrigerant is ammonia.

2. Condenser: It is the refrigeration system of high temperature and pressure freon from the compressor out into the condenser, the cooling medium to release a lot of heat, cooling liquefaction. There are three general categories: water-cooled, air-cooled, evaporative and water-type. We mainly talk about water-cooled condenser, in water-cooled condenser, the refrigerant heat will be released by cooling water away. The cooling water can be flowed once or recycled. When using recycled water, cooling towers or cold water tanks are required. Water-cooled condenser shell tube, casing, immersion and other structural forms.

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