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How to choose a suitable industrial water chiller machine
Mar 21, 2018

The demand for product quality is also greatly improved by the fierce market competition. Many areas may use chillers, for example, during the production process, due to mechanical, mold and industrial response to generate heat continuously, when the temperature exceeds the level of material, the quality of products will be unstable. If the plastic container is not cooled in time, the container will not be full, the wall thickness is uneven, the color and luster are not bright, and even it can not be molded, resulting in low product quality. There are a lot of plastic products factory, or to the circulating water chiller and circulating oil cooling machine with the manufacturers, in the purchase of industrial chillers, often do not know what type of water chiller, cooling effect can reach the requirements of their own, or do not know what kind of refrigeration equipment is more suitable for you production workshop. Now tell you some of the selection method of the chiller.
A chiller is an energy-saving machine that achieves the effect of cooling through a steam compression or absorption cycle. The chiller called the circulating cooling water machine, also called the refrigeration machine, cooling machine, freezer, cold water machine, ice machine, small water chiller, chiller, cooling unit, cold water chiller, because of the widespread use of various industries, so according to different industries, the alias is too many to count our main production, air cooled unit, water cooled chiller and screw type chiller.
Classification of chillers:
First of all, we have to distinguish the type of cold water chiller: the general chiller is divided into two types: water cooled water chiller and air cooled chiller.
The air cooled chiller contains water tank and water pump, without cooling tower. Easy to install and move. But the environmental requirements are high, first of all, because it is cooled by hot air circulation, so if the ventilation effect of the installation workshop is not good, it will directly affect the cooling effect of the chiller. In addition, if you want to put a chiller in a dustless workshop with a humidity requirement, a large amount of water vapor will be generated on the top of the machine.
Water cooled water chiller, divided into box type water chiller, sealed type (some known as open chiller) and screw type chiller. The cooling tower and water pump should be added to the water cooling water chiller, so as to achieve better cooling effect. An open water chiller also has a water tank in addition to the seal, because he has built-in water tank. The open type is usually installed outside the workshop for easy maintenance, but because it is not beautiful enough, it produces a sealed water cooled water chiller. The sealed water cooled water chiller is a box structure, which is convenient to install and is convenient to use. It is more popular in the customer group of Mgreenbelt company. But if you have a very large demand for refrigerating capacity, it is recommended that you choose the screw type chiller. If you want the compressor of the chiller to meet the requirement of 100HP, we will suggest that you use the screw type chiller.

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