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How does the screw chiller to reduce noise
Mar 21, 2018

It is said that the compressor is the "heart" of the chiller, which is very important as the heart of the human body. This also let us know the importance of the compressor to the chiller. In practice, the noise will be announced during the operation of the unit, and the noise db has important connection with the aging and using time of the unit. Some of the noise exceeds the relevant national regulations, and it will damage the human body.

For the screw type cold water machine, the noise reduction method as follows:
1, look at the spare parts to see the loose to be sturdy. Reduce the bearing oscillation.
2, proofreading the coaxiality of the screw compressor and the spindle of the motor head;
3, the flexible coupling is used to reduce the noise of the whole machine. We choose the famous compressor, and the disqualification is not selected.
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