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Discussion on Flow Fault Treatment Method of Air - cooled Chiller
Dec 08, 2016

Specific failure to deal with: to check the machine in front of the pressure gauge pressure situation, if the pressure is zero or very small, only 1 kg or so, it may be the water system is not clean air reasons, under normal circumstances, often in The first time users use the boot, you can pull out the outlet, so that part of the water flow automatically, or by the filter above the red dot to air, installed in the boot.

And then see the tank has been filled with water, see the bottom of the filter is not blocked, if there is to be cleaned immediately.

View the pump suction pipe is not flattened phenomenon. If there is to be the appropriate treatment. In the pump itself does not turn stuck or coil circuit or capacitive contact is bad, will happen this phenomenon. If you find a large chiller water flow, water pressure is normally about 2,1 kg, then, if the fault code is still E05, which is the flow switch itself is a problem, in order to emergency, short-board temperature control above the DIP switch 2 or jumper 2, the DIP switch to ON state or the jumper 2 on the merger of the two corners to eliminate E05, at the same time to contact the manufacturer to replace the flow switch.

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