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Debugging methods for industrial chillers
Dec 08, 2016

(1) the refrigerant charge. Refrigeration unit in the factory are generally charged according to the provisions of the refrigerant, the scene after installation, visual inspection if no accidental injury can be directly open the valve (first read the manufacturer's instructions, in transit, the valve unit Generally in the closed state) commissioning. If you find the refrigerant has been missed or insufficient, should first find out the leakage point and rule out the leakage, and then according to the product manual requirements, add the required grades of refrigerant. Note that the refrigerant charge should meet the technical requirements.

(2) Some screw chillers need to be charged in the user site refrigerant, refrigerant charge and refrigerant grade must be in accordance with regulations. Insufficient refrigerant charge will result in insufficient cooling capacity. Excessive refrigerant charge will not only increase the cost, but also may adversely affect the running energy consumption.

(3) Before filling the refrigerant, should be equipped with enough refrigerant. Charge, can be charged directly from the dedicated filling valve. As the system is in a vacuum state, the cylinder of the refrigerant and the system pressure is large, when opening the valve (should be the first refrigerant with the air in the connecting pipe to avoid air into the unit, affecting the performance of the unit), refrigerant from the cylinder Infusion system, filling is completed, should first charge-valve closed, then remove the connecting tube.

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