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Cooling Water Machine
Mar 29, 2017

Product Description

*Air cooled water chiller used for Extrusion tube industry *Plating industry *Plastic mold *Laser machinery *Electron industry *Chemical industry
*Pharmacy industry *Foodstuff industry *Air-conditioning equipment *Ultrasonic cleaning
*High qualified newly compressor is imported from Europe, US and Japan, the noise is special serenity, electricity saving and durable.
*Particular design, specialized manufacture, water tank evaporator made by thick stainless steel, automatically water filling facility is inside Placed, expanding water tank isn't installed, then it is easy to install and Maintain, and apply to some special occasions like large difference in Temperature and small flux.
*Made by refrigeration specialized high effective outer whorl copper tube Imported from overseas great brand, large heat disperse, small cubage; The condenser is designed by the updated CAD/CAM, the high precious CNC machine tool assists to manufacture the product; Greatly enhance its airtightness and high reliability, feature good appearance and high Energy saving.
*The screw machine controlling system in the factory, adopted Siemens or PLC control. Equipped with precious electrical temperature controller, precisely control water temperature between +3C and +35C.
*The machine is placed electric current over loading protection, safe Facilities with high and low pressure and electric time delay; When the Malfunction occurs, alarm at any time and display malfunction reason.


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