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China Manufacturer of Air Cooled Chiller, 5p/8.9kw/7654kcal/H
Aug 12, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:MG-5C

  • Cooling Method:Air-cooled

  • Unit Structure:Integral

  • Selected Voltage:380V/50HZ

  • Compressor Number:1

  • Noise Level:Low

  • Application Fields: beer brewing system

  • Certification: UL, CE

  • Condition:New

  • Transport Package:  international standard Wooden Carton

  • Specification:5P/8.9KW/7654Kcal/h

  • Origin: dezhou, China

  • HS Code:8418699090

Product Description

cooled chiller and air industrial cooling chiller for industrial
The air cooling chiller has many advantages:
1.Easy installation
2.Covers smaller area
3.Cooling capacity:7654kcal/hour
6P chiller.png

5HP two fans.jpg


1. This system use advanced,high intergration density,all in one singlechip,highly improved 
system capacity of resisting disrurnance.
2. Compressor
Compressor using advanced fully enclosed scroll compressor.Scroll compressor main parts 
have no fret,so have the long life span.Also it called no need repair compressor.Scroll 
compressor work steady,small vibration,working invironment quite,also called super 
quite compressor.Scroll compressor structure novelty,accuracy,with small size,low 
noise,light weight,small vibration,energy consumption,long life span,gas transmission 
continuous steady,runningreliability,air supply clean and so on.
3. Condenser,vaporator
Condenser use shell&tube type heat exchanger,heat exchange tube is purple copper 
tube,condenser shell cover is removable.Can remove the bottom end cover to clean the 
copper tube.The shell of condenser is with drop plug,to ensure the whole system safety 
4. heat expansion valve
Every chiller unit has heat expansion valve.It control refrigerant flow automatically.The 
temperature sensing of heat expansion valve stick on the thermal insulation air insuction 
pipe.There is a balance pipe inside connect with air insuction pipe.Valve adjust the valve 
unseal size throng feeling insuction temperature.Valve degree of superheat is 5C which has 
setted in our factory,if you don't have absolute demand,don't change it.
5. Dry filter
Dry filter is in the liquid pipe which between the oulet liquid and expansion valve.The 
function is dry refrigerant,filter the sundry,to keep refrigerant clean and dry.It can check if 
need dry filter according to the liquid sight glass.
6. high/low pressure controller
Every chilling circal has high/low pressure power switch.The set value of pressure power 
switch has been setted before out of our factory,customers can't change the setting 
7.Phase sequence protection device
Power supply protection device combine 3 phrase pressure display,over voltage 
protection,less voltage protection,open phase(phase failure),voltage unbalance 
protection,phase sequence protectgion(reverse phase protection).Adopting strong 
function micro computer chip and non-volatile technology,it with the features of function 
full,steady performance,display directly,operate convinently.

Easy to install
Smooth running, small vibration, compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry. Completed all performance test before delivery, reducing installation time and cost. Multiple refrigeration loop to interlock control the water system and unit. The compressor discharge step-down starting current is small. Motor adopts world advanced Japanese PTC thermal protection, more sensitive and reliable.

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