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Chemical Process Cooling Equipment Chiller (Screw compressor chiller)
Nov 08, 2017

Chemical Process Cooling Equipment Chiller (Screw compressor chiller)

Chemical Process Cooling Equipment Chiller (Screw compressor chiller), Water Cooled Screw Chiller with Single or Double Compressor, Water Cooled Screw Type Industrial Chiller, 14~490 Ton Double Screw Type Water Cooled Chillers, Screw Type Industrial Chiller for Chemical Process Use. The outlet Temp can be setted as you need.

160P water cooled chiller -1.jpg                         双机螺杆 screw chiller water cooled-1.jpg

Unit Features:

  1. Using imported international brands BITZER Germany (Bitzer), HANBELL China Taiwan energy efficient compressor matches the quality of the condenser and evaporator, high efficiency, stable performance, low noise, long service life. Industrial PLC central control unit, the energy transfer system with the compressor can be timely and accurate control unit cooling capacity and cooling load matching, to ensure optimal efficiency in order to run the unit, lower operating costs;
    2. Within the integrated water; Low temperature, high pressure, freezing, phase, delay start, reverse, overload, motor overheating, oil pressure, and poor treatment a number of security features;
    3. English user interface, menu prompts, can be set unit operating status, household appliances of the operating environment;
    4. Volume control can be four sections(100%-75%-50%-25%) or three-step (100%-66%-33%) and non-stage control systems;
    5. A unique built-in hydraulic system, no pumps are guaranteed to maintain the best lubricating effect of the compressor, oil separator with double filtration, oil filtering effect of good, can play a maximum capacity of heat exchangers;
    6. Efficient thread copper tube to enhance heat transfer effects, more energy efficient. Using the latest CAD/CAM design and processing technology CNC machining center produced, compact structure, small volume, durable. U-beam structure of the tubes can be cleaned out within the overall scale, easy maintenance, to prevent refrigerant leakage phenomenon;
    7. Use all imports of the corrugates steel pipe and hyperbolic hydrophilic aluminum foil, high-speed drilling, and other professional equipment manufacturers, is more closely exposed pipe and fin, heat transfer more efficient, with a small size, light weight, the advantages of more compact and reasonable;

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